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PlayStation 4 Bundles Now Available For Pre Order

At this point, it is no secret that the launch day PlayStation 4 consoles are sold out on  Luckily for those people who know that they want 1 of 4 specific games, a few pre order bundles are available which will still allow you to receive your PS4 console on release day.

The first bundle available is the PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Bundle.  This bundle costs just under $460 and comes with the Knack video game and a PS4 console.

The second bundle currently available is the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Bundle.  This bundle also costs $460 and comes with the Watch Dogs game and a PS4 Console.  This will likely be one of the best selling console bundles since Watch Dogs is getting some great early feedback.

The other 2 bundles being offer both a game and a 12 month PS Plus subscription.  Normally a PS Plus subscription wouldn’t mean all that much to the majority of gamers but a PS Plus subscription will be required for all multiplayer gaming on the PlayStation 4 so these bundles provide some good value.

The PlayStation 4 Killzone Shadow Fall Bundle and the PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Bundle comes with the console, game, and a 12 month PS Plus subscription.  When you purchase either one of those bundles, you will get everything for $499.99 which is $10 cheaper than if you were to buy them individually.

If you missed out on a standalone launch day PS4 console, a bundle might be a terrific option to ensure that you get a PlayStation 4 the day it is released.  If you plan on getting any of the 4 games mentioned above, it makes a whole lot of sense.  Keep in mind that these are supplies are limited so make sure you get yours early!

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